AL QURUM UNIVERSAL LLC is a fast growing company that began operations in 2001 in the field of Real-estate and Logistics. Then in 2012, we stepped-in in the field of Technology by signing four tenders with the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC).

The company’s main concentration was providing services to various industries with excellent customer service. The business concentrated on Integrated Facility Service and Equipment Technology solution. We concentrated on providing the service to our clients by involving ourselves in the process from beginning to the end. As years passed we have grown in receiving more business by creating a standard in the industries related with our business goal.

In the year 2014 we enter into F&B field the Franchisee agreement of The Kebab Shop, UK based fast food franchise restaurant and started working to accomplish the task by launching the brand at the very first time in Oman. Soon we will further spread the name of The Kebab Shop all over the Oman by opening branches to serve the best Doner in Oman.

In 2016 we have combined forces with TEOCO, a U.S based company to provide services in recruitment of telecommunication engineers and consultancy services on a contract base.

During the same year, we held a franchise of Subs ‘N Gyros  fast food restaurant, now having two branches.

Management of Al Qurum Universal LLC  also runs Al Qurum Civil Project as its sister company.

Meet our CEO

Mr. Fawzi Badar Hilal Al Busaidi 

The Founder and CEO of the company, was an employee of MOTC. He holds a master degree in Numerical Modeling from UK. With 25+ years of experience, he is actively participating in company’s business activities and also keeps the track of company’s suppliers and associates.

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