The Kebab Shop

The Kebab Shop is based on a concept popularized throughout Europe. Kebab shops are as prevalent there as Kebab joints are in the U.K. If you’ve never been to a kebab shop in Europe, you’ll have to stop in and experience what you’ve been missing.

You’ll find a delicious array of slowly cooked rotisserie meats and made-to-order grilled meats, and veggies. Our menu appears deceptively simple but is purposely designed to provide you the freedom to decide exactly how you want your meal made. We offer all of this in a comfortable setting with courteous staff so you can gather with your family and friends and share a great meal together.

Al Qurum tried its hand in investment in the food and beverage industry in the year 2015. The company opened its 1st outlet in Sohar, Safeer Mall in the month of April. The business and sales started gaining some attention from the customers when they understood the product better. The Kebab Shop is a new restaurant name, not very well known in the market or its target audience and introducing a new product in the market always takes its time to make its name among the audience.

Branch at Muscat Grand Mall

Once the company recognized the growth the brand was gaining, we opened a new branch in Muscat Grand Mall in Al-Ghubra, Muscat. Being situated in a mall, the brand gained more popularity when compared to its other branch in Sohar. The branch was opened in the month of August and has been running efficiently ever since.

The product offered by The Kebab Shop still needs to be advertised better to reach more target audience and the company is working very hard for the same.


Al Qurum has created its own brand called Subs ‘N Gyros which is a mixture of Gyros and Subs. The restaurant is to be inaugurated shortly and the company and its employees are looking forward to this new road they will be taking. Providing the customer with maximum satisfaction with the help of diversified products under one roof is the main goal of Subs & Gyros.